False ideals about seeking perfect partners

Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels.com

Every human’s brain is wired to desire and seek the very best, finest, and most satisfying experiences. We are all faced with the challenges of resisting temptations of different sorts, although we also possess varying degrees of self-control. While some people are blessed with the gene that enables them to exhibit temperance in such an admirable way, self-educating is another way they’ve gotten better at it. In other words, some of us are greedier, more materialistic, more desirous, and less satisfied than others. Regardless of these differences, everyone faces temptations. 

Human beings have a tendency to get bored of the same experiences. We seek novel experiences, and this can be seen in various aspects of our lives. We hate to watch the same movies or play the same games over and over again. We get tired of the same food every day and just want to eat something else. We love to conquer; we believe there’s something more beautiful and elevating out there. Even when we have what may actually count as the best, we choose to stick to the idea that there is something better out there, because we love the adventure. And while this idea is sometimes true, it is not always true. It is possible to have the very best without realizing it.

For so many of us, when we were younger, we wanted so many things. We probably wanted an expensive luxury car, a beautiful mansion, exotic vacations, stunning clothes, expensive shoes and wristwatches, and a private jet or yacht. Similarly, we wanted to be in a perfect relationship with the perfect partner who has the perfect features and criteria; perhaps the perfect body, sex appeal, intelligence, charm, and character. Perhaps, you desired meeting a lady/man with the perfect weight, hair, shape, teeth, etc. You wanted him/her to possess additional qualities such as kindness, tolerance, patience, faithfulness, and intelligence. Sadly, that life, regardless of what we see on television and in the movies, doesn’t exist.

When you chase the unattainable and push away the attainable because of your ignorance, then you are living more in a fantasy than in the reality. Sometimes, desiring a person whose physical attractiveness is quite charming, and who is much fancied by a lot of people may be a bad idea, simply because this person may lack admirable character traits. Many people have left wonderful people for Disney-looking others, only to realize later on that they made a very terrible choice. We should always remember that all that glitters is not gold.

There’s nothing wrong in desiring the best. However, we must understand that we sometimes ignore the best in order to choose that which we think is the best. We are easily deceived by appearances, and fail to realize that there can always be a nasty poop in a beautiful teacup. More so, no one is perfect. The person you find to be more desirable may actually have more annoying flaws than the ones you choose to overlook.

Except your partner is extremely abusive and dishonest, it is better to value what you already have, show your partner ample love, and support them with the aim to bring out the best in them. Choose to take them as the very best you can ever have, and believe there is no better partner out there.