Factors that affect one’s level of success in life

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Success is desirable, while failure is not. Everyone wants to be successful in life; although, not everyone tends to be. While success to you may have a different meaning, achieving a desired goal is something you definitely want. Although, you may count helping the needy and treating little children nicely as some examples of being successful, common ideas about success in most societies include academic success, business success, and success in one’s career. Stated below are some factors that affect one’s level of success in life. 

Level of commitment

Commitment means giving plenty of attention to, and directing a lot of resources on, a particular activity, in order to accomplish a specific goal. When you are really committed to one activity, you tend to be less committed to other activities. Commitment also enables you to improve in your chosen endeavor. It is, however, a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for success. Other factors also count. 

Social and Economic privileges

A child born into a wealthy home and under the care of loving parents is more likely to perform better in his/her school work than another child born into a poor home with terrible parents. Moreover, wealthy parents are able to provide their children with necessary textbooks and study materials, and the children have easy access to all the things needed to aid them in their academic pursuit. Similarly, if you are financially stable, you can afford to acquire helpful items that can aid you in achieving success. Poor people do not have these privileges. 

Natural brain chemistry

Some children are born with their brains naturally wired to excel in certain areas. Such children are known as naturals. I bet Einstein and Michelangelo were naturals. They couldn’t be surpassed by their more hard working contemporaries, simply because natural brain chemistry makes a great difference. Some people do not have to work so much to beat you at something. Perhaps, you don’t have to work so hard to beat some people at other things.   


The people you are surrounded by also influence your ability to achieve success in what you do. If you are surrounded by positive people who encourage you, your chances of achieving great success is greater than if you are surrounded by negative people who discourage you. People who are bred in environments inhabited by pessimistic and backward people are at risk of achieving so little in their lives. The environment you are bred and the people you associate with therefore matter a lot.


People who have access to quality formal education are exposed to greater knowledge, as they learn from seasoned tutors and illuminating books that have been created by some of the greatest minds across the world. Education brings about knowledge, and knowledge enables you to manage your life better. It teaches you the techniques and secrets to achieving success.

While all these factors stated are indeed vital to achieving success, we should never downplay the importance of hard work and sacrifice. Many great accomplishers and highly successful people do not live like the overwhelming majority of mankind. The difference lies in their work ethics and belief system. While their accomplishments are desirable, even enviable, their industry and resolve are exemplary.