Eight things that sustain a healthy relationship

Photo by June on Pexels.com

A healthy relationship adds value to your life, is a source of encouragement, satisfaction, and happiness. Therefore, if you are fortunate to have a healthy relationship, here are six ways you can sustain it. 


Communication should be open and honest. By communicating openly to another, you make it easier for a partner or friend to understand you. When they understand you, they know what to do to avoid offending you. Similarly, they need to communicate to you, as you are not a mind-reader. Communication makes it possible for one to know the needs, expectations, and desires of another, and therefore enables the fulfilment of such needs. 


Show respect, care, and concern in your relationships. For the sake of the relationship, focus on encouraging and honouring another, rather than showing off your qualities. Make them feel important, special, and invaluable through your words, gestures, and actions. 

Personal success

Personal success matters a lot. No one wants to be a friend or partner to a person who is doing badly. We all want to be associated with successful people. Therefore, never let your relationships sabotage your personal success. If you do, those relationships will eventually end, and you will have nothing. 

Build trust

Show that you trust your partner or friend by sharing certain confidences with them, and letting them know you haven’t shared them with anybody else. This will make them feel trusted, and they will want to prove their trust-worthiness. More so, they may be inclined to share their own confidences with you too. 

Give some space

Never come off as being clingy or needy in a relationship. Doing so makes you seem pathetic and worthless; and this may push a partner or friend away and make them love you less. Remember that your personal success matters for the sustenance of your relationships. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on your personal success, which will then allow you to give your relationships some space?

Be a good listener

Never tire out of listening to the people you care about. When other people speak, it’s usually because they have an emotional need to express themselves and to be heard. When you listen to other people, you show that you value them. Listen to them in ways most other people may not, by supporting them, encouraging them, and fueling their self-worth. 

Create time

Create time for the people in your life. There is only a relationship if two or more people share with one another. While you may not spend ample time with those close to you because you must attend to other matters, creating sufficient time for them is vital for the health and sustenance of your relationships. 

Show honesty

Tell the truth virtually all the time. Being truthful is a way of showing respect to another. Sharing your fears, insecurities, and struggles can also increase the depth and richness of your relationship, but not in all cases. People who are not ready for close or intimate relationships may not be comfortable with this development, and may begin to pull away. In other cases, people who have had a false idea of you may begin to realize that their illusions about you are being shattered, and may also begin to pull away. However, those who really want to stay will stay.