Eight attitudes that will make your life better

Photo by Mhajr Invincible on Pexels.com

Attitude is that which determines how often we make the right choices and how far we go in life. The family and friends you keep, the culture you’ve always known, religion practiced, and the ideology of the people around you all factor into shaping your perspectives, attitudes, and of course, character. You must endeavor to do away with limiting attitudes, and cultivate positive attitudes, if you want to experience a meaningful, secure life. Here are eight attitudes that will make your life better. 

Regret, but be thankful for the experience

If you learn something from your mistake, it has the potential of making you a better person in the future. You may have screwed up in the past, such experience has simply provided you with an opportunity to build a better, brighter, and brilliant future. Do not wish it never happened. 

Make the most of the things you have

Every dime can become a thousand dimes, and every dollar can become a million dollars. The time you have now can generate great productive output in the future. The people you interact with can teach you valuable life lessons. Opportunities are all around you, waiting for you to tap into them. But they may not always continue to be available. 
While some people lavish the valuable resources they have, learn to make the most of yours for a better today and tomorrow. 

Engage in physical activities

Your body is like a machine. When it is neglected, it grows weaker and weaker. Cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and a host of other illnesses can be avoided with physical exercise. Take that long walk, visit the gym, lift those barbells; your health, both today and in the future, is vital. Value physical fitness. 

Eat that frog

Engage in that very important activity that you feel like delaying. Your frog is that important task, which you have to do, but which you don’t feel like doing. Once you are done with this great task, you’ll have little to worry about. You would have taken a great burden off your shoulder. Delaying important tasks is merely a way of prolonging your suffering. 


The best of friends is a library of books. Books do not betray or disappoint. They are endlessly loyal, and have so much to give. They will make you a better person. Let the perpetual act of reading develop you into an emotionally independent person. When you are emotionally independent, you are able to cope with friendlessness, peer-pressure, and the control of other people. 

Practice modesty

Life is too short to act like entitled kings, emperors, and superiors. And while some people get to live for several decades, some do not know when their time will come. When we walk around with our ego aloft, we are just being vain and stupid. Other people may not recognize and respect us like they respect the next person, it doesn’t make us any less valuable and worthwhile people. How poorly other people treat us or consider us should never really determine our worth. Our worth is determined by our endeavour to make a positive difference in our lifetime. 

Choose your friends wisely

We all have psychological needs. Some of us want to be successful, popular, secure, etc. And as a result, people may drift towards you because of the benefits they want to derive. Most people, rather than thinking about your psychological needs, are trying to meet their own. And while some people are fair-weather friends who come round when all seems well with you, and when you have something they want, other people only remember to reach you when they need something. 

True friends actively seek to help you, without you asking. A true friend may ask, ‘Are you well? Is there anything I can do for you?’ This is because they understand they need your friendship, but also understand you have needs and want to be able to satisfy those needs because they genuinely care. Make friends with people who are willing to admit their psychological needs, and who are willing to meet yours (explicitly, in clear terms). It will save you a lot of troubles. 

Embrace the emptiness you feel

Sometimes, you will feel empty as though something is missing in your life; as though you are missing out of something meaningful. But the truth is, we are all just living this seemingly meaningless life the way we see fit, and nobody has it any better. So the emptiness you feel, well that’s life. For all you know, you may be living life best.