Building a great character

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Character is the sum total of your values, attitudes, habits, and actions. The sum total of your character and your complex mental attributes (i.e. your intelligence, talents, interests, gifts, eloquence, insight, natural brain chemistry, etc.) give rise to your personality. A character can be strong or weak, good or bad, admirable or unacceptable, depending on the various nature of its components. We can indeed improve our characters, and we should strive to do so. To do so, we must focus on augmenting our 


By compassion, we must be sensitive to the pains of others, and endeavor to help heal those pains. 


By benevolence, we must be thoughtful and concerned about other people, sacrificing some time and possessions to help them, simply because we are able to understand what they are going through. 


By tolerance, you understand that other people, like you, are a work in progress. And like you, are learning from the numerous lessons life has to teach. 


Politeness means treating other people with respect, so that they may feel significant, adequate, and secure. 


Perseverance means being able to stick at a goal, and doing all you can to accomplish it, even in the hardest times. 


By endurance, you are able to put up with much discomfort for the greater good. You are patient and kind, even as other people are unkind to you. 


By honesty, you strive to be decent, sincere, and truthful at all times. You do not deprive another man of what his truly his for a selfish purpose. You follow due processes and acquire things because you’ve earned them. 


By humility, you understand that what makes us great isn’t standing taller than other people, but rather, having other people stand as tall as us. 


By self-control, you understand you have certain desires and impulses that must be checked, and endeavor to check those desires/impulses for the greater good. 


By sensitivity, you are able to discern other people’s state of mind. You can tell if other people are unhappy, angry, anxious, afraid, or depressed. And of course, you try to make other people feel better. 


You know what to do, when to do what to do, and how to do it. You set deadlines for your set-goals, and always meet those deadlines. 


By diligence, you are purpose-driven, have a strict work ethics, and show a hunger for great accomplishments. You ensure that every meaningful goal you set is always accomplished. 


Although, you strive to improve your ability and increase your health, you understand that you have to provide time for and give out some of what you have to your loved ones and the needy. You are not self-centered.  


By confidence, you are able to deliver when asked to perform a duty or task, even when the experience is totally new. 


You are so kind you are willing to rejoice with others when they have success, even as you experience struggles and hardships in your life. You are also quite keen to give credit to whom credit is due. 

Take responsibility

You are willing to take responsibilities for your actions; both the good and the bad ones.