Benefits of taking risks

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Courage is the ability to pass through a dreadful, possibly agonizing, experience in order to achieve a desired goal. It is the ability to act in opposition to the voice of your overwhelming fear. It should also be noted that it does not guarantee success or productivity, but it can lead to success. And when the courage you show makes things even worse, it can feel like the worst decision you’ve ever made in life.

Usually, in summoning courage, you are taking a risk. You are afraid that circumstances could get worse, and hopeful that you will succeed. You are hoping that your act of courage will bring about the result you strongly desire. But when your act of courage does not result in a successful outcome, you may want the earth to swallow you up. It suddenly begins to feel like your world is falling apart. You blame yourself for making that decision or taking that action.

While making what may seem like a bad decision or action can make you depressed and despondent, there are numerous benefits that can be derived from showing this kind of courage. And these numerous benefits show that it is even better to be worse off, after taking a brave risk, than to be risk-averse. Here are some of these fabulous benefits.

It’s eye-opening

There are lessons you will learn from failure, which success may never be able to teach you. One of the most effective ways to learn and accumulate knowledge is by failing after taking risks. The greatest achievers in the world have failed plenty of times, have fallen into depression for a while, and have enabled those heart-breaking experiences propel them to great successes.

It is easy to blame yourself for the actions you took, but you also need to understand that no human being is all-knowing. You made your decision based on the information you had, and you probably couldn’t have made a better decision at the time, as you didn’t know any better. But now that you have failed, you know what you have done wrong and won’t want to repeat the same mistake next time.

That moment of poor decisions may seem like the worst moment of your life, but bear in mind that it is simply preparing and shaping you up for the greatest moment of your life yet to come. Do not allow such heartbreaking moment hold you back. Instead, let it propel you to great success.

It improves your character

All great achievers share one common trait; they are risk-takers. Sometimes, what we are afraid of are merely blown out of proportion. We survive after all, and realize that we can afford to take subsequent risks, simply because we can always bounce back if we fail. This is the kind of attitude that great accomplishers have. They take risks with the aim to succeed, but know that even if they fail, it is not the end of the world.

People who are risk-averse may enjoy some degree of ease and comfort, but they never experience the prosperity they deserve. The fear of falling down hard if they make an attempt to climb up high often keeps them playing it safe. And playing it safe never gets them anywhere.

To experience the best out of life, you must be willing to take risk. You must be able to absorb failure when it comes, and allow it catapult you to great success. And you must be able to take advantage of the opportunity that every risky situation provides. It takes courage to grow and excel, and the courage to take risks even after having experienced numerous failures will result in great success in the future.

You may be feeling like shit this very moment, but you will be in a far better place in the future. Failure today does not mean failure forever. You may have to fall and fall plenty of times before you get to fly and soar. Taking risks courageously, after thorough assessment of the risks, will make this happen.

The fear of failure, however, becomes a character weakness that will forever keep you in your safe zone and deter you from experiencing great success in life.

How can you summon the courage to take risks, without wallowing in indecision? How can you cope with feeling embarrassed or ashamed, without letting those fears hold you back from doing what you must do to succeed?

• Focus on the future

You are going to make some decisions in the present that will make you feel uncomfortable, but you know this day will pass. You can cope with the inconveniences of the present because you know that there is a better future for you. And because you are certain there is a better and more rewarding future, you can absorb failure and embarrassment easily, without losing focus on your dreams.

• Focus on your goal

No one is perfect, and it’s okay to make some mistakes. Sure, you should have done better, but well you didn’t. And beating yourself over it will not solve anything. Every great achiever makes some poor choices, but never gives up on their dreams. No matter how many times you fail, it is paramount that you never lose focus on your goal. Regardless of what negative emotions you may be feeling, never keep your eyes off your goal.