Being a work-in-progress

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Choosing to embrace complacency and mediocrity does not really say anything bad about you. There are people who are not willing to put in the effort to grow. When you realize that everyone gets to die at some point, you may not find meaning in setting and achieving goals. But while the goals positive and happy people strive to achieve may seem pointless once they pass away, their endeavors and aspirations are never really pointless. And here are the benefits they derive from doing so. 

Self-induced evolution

People who desire endless growth and improvement often get better and better at what they do. They know they will not live forever, but derive pleasure in experiencing the growth process. Even if they pass away today, they are still happy with the fact that they applied themselves and got to where they are. They value the input of their time, energy, and resources in an effort to transform themselves. This self-transformation is what I call self-induced (or artificial) evolution. In other words, they assay to make themselves higher functioning and transcendent humans than they used to be. At the end of the day, it’s the experience and the fulfilment we derive that really counts; whether or not we get to die someday. 

Shield against depression

One way depression sets in is when someone has no reason to live. If you develop disinterest in many activities, you are likely to experience depression. Depression is also associated with pessimism and despair. When you are depressed, you have no hopes for the future, find it difficult to enjoy simple things, and live each day as it comes (as a way to pass time). Depression, which is associated with sadness and hopelessness, lowers the quality of your life and adversely affects your relationship with other people. Setting goals and making strides enable you to fantasize about self-transformation and allows you to enjoy the process. When these happen, you shield yourself against depression. 

Reasons to celebrate with others

Relationships with others are more enjoyable and fulfilling if they are founded on love. And one way to love is to factor into the progress of others and celebrate that progress. In other words, you will raise your level of happiness and those of others if you are genuinely supportive of their goals and celebrate them for the goals they are achieving. Being selfless enough to foster another person’s progress in life is simply a way of being selfish enough to consider one’s happiness. Therefore, it’s a win-win for both you and the person you aid and celebrate. It’s what makes loving and being loved a fulfilling experience. 

Effective way to pass time

Pegging away at a much desired goal and finding the experience fulfilling allows you to pass time without realizing. This is because you are doing what you enjoy, and life needs fillers like this. Depression, on the other hand, is the opposite of plugging away at a goal because we begin and continue to ponder on what life’s purpose is. When we constantly wonder why we exist, this attitude may grow from being philosophical to being melancholy. It may lead to the zeroing out of valuable and enjoyable, although non-eternal, activities, which could have filled up our lifetime wonderfully.