Battles you must win I

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One very important question a person may ask is, ‘Why am I here?’ The grand, seemingly endless universe is shrouded in numerous mysteries. And while the order within the universe inspires awe and begs the question as to how creation can be so well planned and structured, there is also chaos within it. The simultaneous existence of two contradicting phenomena extends far beyond the ‘order/chaos’ theory discussed earlier, into several other areas. One notable area is the parallel existence of kindness and iniquity.

Although, genuine kindness can be shown, doing so is not without its own sheer struggles. Iniquitous actions are noticeably enticing, instantly gratifying and exceedingly more comfortable. And while selflessness is not impossible, selfishness is far more desirable and euphoric for most people. There are insecurity and fear, greed and gluttony, bitterness and strife, apathy and antagonism, cruelty and duplicity, all of which exist in a world where humanity, fairness, mercy, and enduring kindness can be shown through the power of choice. Judging from observation and personal experiences, selfishness and shutting up one’s humanity will, in no doubt, preserve and increase one’s comfort level. However, people who are consumed by their egocentrism tend to miss out of the incomparable fulfilment that lies in showing kindness to the world.

Human beings are far more inclined to seeking the comfortable life than enduring discomfort with no reward. Most people would show kindness to certain people if only they would be rewarded in some ways. Behind many generous acts are seeds of selfishness and expectance of rewards. As human beings drift towards the selfish desire for personal comfort, pleasure, and material acquisitions, little care is given to the unfortunate, weak, unprivileged, and troubled. And when the unfortunate realize that there is seemingly no love in the world, they let bitterness and apathy consume them, and adopt the inhumane habit of their unkind neighbours. When everyone follows this trend of selfishness and self-centeredness, all manners of vice and wickedness become rampant. 

It is indeed true that there is far more comfort in focusing on our needs and desires, which are by the way insatiable. Yet, there are other people who suffer a worse fate and will benefit a great deal from our show of kindness towards them. In my article, ‘What death teaches us’, I stated that self-centeredness looks far more foolish when death comes’. This is because an excessive focus on oneself is trivial and vain. All the recognition, fortune, fame, and ecstasy you have experienced will not matter once you give up the ghost. You will not exist on this earth forever; neither will those who praise and glorify you. There is therefore no point in being so selfish. The most important thing is to take care of yourself, and never forget that you exist to make a difference in this world. That difference means touching lives, not because of what reward you will get, but because the world needs it. 

The world, while filled with antagonistic, malevolent, and hostile people, needs your kindness. Do not be kind to the world because you want them to be kind to you, but because you know they need it. Be humane and polite, not because you want others to recognize you for these gestures, but because everyone needs it; including the most annoying person on the planet. Protect yourself and get into defensive mode when your life and those of your loved ones are threatened. Be cautious and vigilant, so that you will not fall into the traps of the wicked and duplicitous. However, do not efface kindness from your soul. Be as gentle as a dove, as humble as a lamb, but as wise as a serpent. This is one battle you must fight and never stop fighting until you die. And this is one battle you must win, although you may have to endure some level of discomfort (for its sake) for the rest of your life.