Achieving the Mega-goal

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Delightful and worthwhile goals allow us to peer into the future, and serve as the foundation for every desirable vision we strive to turn into reality. With these goals, we have a tendency to think that many wonderful experiences await us in the future, and today’s struggles are merely temporary. In other words, goal-setting allows us to see that our present (undesirable) conditions will not last forever; we should therefore not despair. 

The mega-goal is a great goal you want to achieve, perhaps because you desire to become a more intelligent/attractive/successful/wealthy person. Your mega-goal may involve trying to bring joy to the people you love. For some people, their mega-goal may be associated with trying to make the world a better place. In other words, your mega-goal may differ from mine, and from those of Ben, Rick, Adrian, and Joan. 

Your mega-goal is peculiar to you, and is much desired because it gives meaning to your life; it is the very reason you find life worth living. It could be a process of growth that engulfs you for a lifetime, or a series of different mini-goals that are accomplished one after the other, all of which are interconnected for one great purpose.

Although, the process of accomplishing a mega-goal may be long, demanding, and essentially fulfilling, it is supposed to reward you with satisfaction (derived from doing something you find pleasure in) and the ecstasy of knowing that a great experience awaits you once that goal is achieved. 

Having a mega-goal is important because it gives you a sense of direction towards something much desired. And by extension, having a sense of direction leads to having a greater appreciation of life, a reason to live, and a future to desire. The happiest and healthiest people in the world have a mega-goal they strive to accomplish. Achieving the mega-goal therefore requires


Every valuable and worthwhile goal requires hard work, and therefore takes time to accomplish. The process towards attainment may seem frustratingly slow, but bear in mind that the process towards achieving your goal is just as important and priceless as accomplishing the goal itself. It is supposed to be a satisfying and continuous process. Therefore be patient as you strive to accomplish that mega-goal. Is this the fifth year you have been on it, don’t give up. When you accomplish this goal, all your efforts would not have been for nothing. Do not forget that it is supposed to engulf you for a lifetime.

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is when we delay an activity because we think that now is not the best time to carry it out. It happens when doing a work feels uncomfortable, which results in one putting off that work to a later time. It is the mind’s way of avoiding an uncomfortable activity. The effects of procrastination include inefficiency (due to delay of activity) and underperformance (due to working under pressure in the last hour). Procrastination delays activity progress, and will therefore keep you from achieving your goal if allowed to take control of you. You may not feel like applying yourself, but you should always endeavor to remind yourself that a beautiful future awaits you if you utilize this present moment for that great goal you have. 

Managing negative emotions

Negative emotions, such as depression, frustration, doubt, and anxiety can hinder you from concentrating on your goal. And while they can be limiting and perhaps overwhelming, we should hold on to the strong hopes we have of a bright and promising future, and constantly remind ourselves that such future is only possible if we summon the courage to persevere and muster up the fortitude to push forth in times of trouble. When these negative emotions act up, which are sometimes beyond our control, the only antidote is to remain dogged and committed to our goal.

Enjoying the process

The mega-goal requires long-term commitment, therefore it is supposed to be enjoyable throughout. Of course, it is challenging, still you are supposed to find joy in the challenges faced. While you are working so hard trying to overcome these challenges, you should find the whole experience psychologically gratifying and fulfilling. Therefore, the process/journey should be challenging, yet enjoyable.

Investing financial resources

You need to invest both time and money on a project you want to be successful. You need money to acquire those products (and pay for those services) that will enable and enhance the accomplishment of your mega-goal. The more financial resources you invest, the more productive your effort is likely to be; provided you optimally utilize the things you have acquired as a result of your investment. Money spent on accomplishing your mega-goal is not wasted money; in fact, it’s meaningful investment.

Believing in yourself

Accomplishing a mega-goal starts with believing in yourself. Without positive belief, you cannot persevere, utilize time, enjoy the process, and invest your money on your goal. Therefore, you need to develop a mentality that I call, ‘The positive-ending mentality’. According to this mentality, things may be rough in the present, you may be having a hard time now; perhaps you are depressed, frustrated, or bitter. You may have experienced failure and rejection; you may have made terrible mistakes. But in spite of all these undesirables, persevering and focusing on your goal promises a highly rewarding future.