7 things you can learn from a romantic relationship

Photo by Du01b0u01a1ng Nhu00e2n on Pexels.com

Starting a romantic relationship can be a wonderful experience if both partners understand what it entails, and what is required of them. However, it can also be a disaster, if either or both parties handle things immaturely. Expressed below are seven things you can learn from a healthy romantic relationship. 

lt is our relationship, not my relationship

Any relationship, be it romantic or platonic, can only be sustained if both parties put in noticeable amount of effort and commitment to it. While one party may be trying their best to sustain the relationship, this will not work after a very long time, because they will at some point get frustrated. Therefore, both parties must show commitment and interest in the relationship

Never try to change people

You can make suggestions, albeit once (and nicely too). But when you continue to shove what you believe down another person’s throat, you come off as being controlling. No one wants to be in a relationship with a controlling person. Therefore, do not try to change your partner. If you want them to change, be the change you want them to be. Over time, subliminal influence will happen, and they may experience such desirable change. 

It’s too early to decide the perfect partner

If you are just meeting a person for the first time, do not expect them to be the perfect partner. In fact, you still need to check for compatibility, and try to understand the person’s personality, both of which you cannot achieve in a short period of time. Therefore, a budding relationship may bring about euphoria and ecstasy at the beginning, but may not be the right one for you. 

The possibility of losing the person

You may have to accept the possibility that someone that you love may stop loving you someday, may have to travel far away, may die, etc. Therefore, learn to focus on building wonderful moments now. Focus on enjoying the now by making a wonderful difference in the life of your partner. And when the undesirable happens, accept it with fortitude. 

A healthy relationship requires some space

A healthy romantic relationship does not shut down other kinds of relationship, and therefore provides time for them. It doesn’t also shut down one’s life goals, but instead fuels them. When a romantic relationship is keeping you away from other people and other activities, then one party is being possessive and jealous, and that is not a healthy relationship. 

A sustainable relationship is built on modesty

A big ego will eventually shut down a relationship. A partner should be able to apologize sincerely and earnestly when they feel they have wronged another. A show of care, respect, and honour for another is also vital. When you show these beautiful gestures, you make such relationship better than having no relationship at all. 

Less drama is important

One reason people get into a relationship is to have more happiness and satisfaction, and not more problems and headaches. If you are always fighting in your relationship, such relationship may not be sustainable. Tolerance is therefore very important. Being patient in a relationship and believing in its growth is not a bad idea, but it’s a choice most people may not be willing to make. Choosing not to be patient in a relationship, and moving on to another is not a bad idea either, although it somehow shows your level of perseverance, tolerance, and patience for others.