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Tklesson is an E-learning Platform, which is focused on providing Tutorial notes, Video lessons, and Computer Based Tests to all categories of students. The progress of each student is monitored, and reports are given to parents and mature students. Click here to learn more about us.

At Tklesson, we are a reliable and efficient team, who strive to provide Quality Online Education to all categories of students at the cheapest possible price. We aim to increase the level of global literacy and are committed to aiding all students across the world achieve their academic goals through virtual and interactive education.

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Nigerian Students

This section is for students in Nigeria because content is strictly in accordance with the approved Nigerian academic curriculum.

Ghanaian Students

This section is for students in Ghana because content is strictly in accordance with the approved Ghana academic curriculum.

Canadian Students

This section is for students in Canada because content is strictly in accordance with the approved Canadian academic curriculum.

USA (American) Students

This section is for students in USA because content is strictly in accordance with the approved USA academic curriculum.

Valuable Life Lessons

Gain access to hundreds of self-development articles that are primarily associated with your student life.

Tksocials (Discussion)

In this section, students can have academic discussions, share experiences, debate, and learn about diverse cultures.


Tklesson has indeed been a great help to me, most especially in the aspect of learning physics. The lesson notes are comprehensive, and the quizzes are great. The formulae and examples in the notes improved my knowledge of Physics. They augmented my interest in Physics too.

Simbiat Ifeoluwa

Tklesson is the definitely the best- no kidding. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from the notes on their website. The notes are very easy to understand. The CBTs, I love them. They have been very useful to me when preparing for exams. I don’t know how to show gratitude to Tklesson company.

Fasasi Abdul-Malik

What I find most impressive about Tklesson is their attention to detail. The website has created many CBTs for different categories of examination. The notes are flawless and very useful for revision. Even without accessing textbooks elsewhere, the lesson notes on Tklesson are very informative and, I dare say, sufficient.

lholah Nofisat

Tklesson has always been the best educational website. I really learnt a lot from them while preparing for my exams, had very good grades and excellent results. Thanks to Tklesson. 100% success.

Afolayan Jeremiah

I am very happy I got to know about Tklesson. I used this platform when I was preparing for my UTME and Post-UTME, and I do not regret doing so in the slightest. The questions and answers are shockingly accurate, compared to most other websites that I know. The study materials are reliable, and the customer service is fantastic. I pray God continues to strengthen the Tklesson team.

Ukachi Charles

Tklesson has helped me a lot. To be honest I get motivated through this website when it comes to education. It was here I learnt that no matter what you go through in life try to keep your head up and never stop climbing.

Kalisto Victor

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Taiwo Ogunlaiye is an Economist and Data analyst, who strives to improve lives. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the National Open University of Nigeria (a Valedictorian) and is presently pursuing his Masters degree at the University of Windsor, Canada. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos. Furthermore, he has approximately five years of ‘Physical’ Classroom teaching experience, and over ten years of experience as a tutor.

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